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How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connectivity in Mac

Mostly, user access internet on their Mac using Wi-Fi network as it is fast as compare to data connection. Connectivity is the common issue that user faces while accessing internet.  You need to have a wireless router in order to connect your machine to internet network. LearnHow to troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connectivity in Macby following the below mentioned steps.


Step 1:  Make sure that you are entering correct password while connecting to a network. Reboot your machine and router, then try to connect again. Also, ensure that Mac is in defined range of wireless router.

Step 2: Go to Apple logo present on the left side of mac screen, click on System Preferences and select Network. Select Wi-Fi In the left panel. Wi-Fi status must be ON at right panel.

Step 3: Now, select the Wi-Fi network within the range, enter password and join it. The symbol of Wi-Fi will be goes to green that signifies that you are now connected to Wi-Fi network. Try opening safari browser and check whether any website is opening or not.