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How to troubleshoot Wireless Network issue in MacBook

If you are unable to connect your MacBook with Wireless Network and finding it difficult then this instruction page will instruct you step by step. You need to have a wireless router in order to access internet on your MacBook.  Below mentioned steps will guide you how to troubleshoot Wireless Network issue in MacBook


Step 1: Shut down your MacBook. Press and Hold the buttons Cmd+Opt+P+R + power on keyboard. Keep holding them until you hear three sounds from computer. Now try again to search wireless network.

Step 2: Now navigate to router setting and check the following

  • Wireless access should be enabled (wireless section)
  • Computer should not be blocked by router (access control section)
  • Mac filtering should not be applying in router (filter section).

Step 3: If still your computer is not able to catch wireless network then you need to reset the Router. Try changing the wireless name and make sure you are entering the correct password.