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How to setup Airport with Wi-Fi Router

Apple airport can be connected to your existing Wi-Fi router by following this instruction page.   Essentially, you need Ethernet cable, 1 free output port of router and a computer (Mac or windows) for setup process. AirPort provides faster transfer speed and you can also make multiple connection using it. Learn how to setup Airport with Wi-Fi Router by following these easy steps.


Step1: You need connect the Ethernet cable between router output port and Airport Ethernet port. If you have Mac computer then no need to install Airport Utility software. Navigate to ‘Utility’ folder and Launch Airport Utility.

Step 2: You will find an ‘Others’ option click on it. From dropdown list, choose new base station. Enter the details of your wireless Airport and click ‘Next’.  Configuration process will start.  You will notice that symbol color of Airport is green.

Step 3: If airport is not displaying Green light it means you need to configure it again. Check the cable connection and make sure all connections are good. Now you can connect your device to the new Wi-Fi network.