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How to disable Wi-Fi network From Router

This instruction page will guide you How to disable Wi-Fi Network from Wi-Fi router. Once the Wi-Fi network is disabled, you can add new network on your Wi-Fi router for accessing internet. User need to have Mac computer, Ethernet cable and fully-functional Router before performing the operation. Just follow the below mentioned steps in order to disable Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: Open any installed internet browser on your Mac computer. Enter the IP address of router in the address bar section. (IP address can be easily found on internet w.r.t router model)

Step 2: You need to enter Username and Password in order to access Router settings page. (Username/Password can be found on bottom side of router)

Step 3: Now move to wireless section. Search the option Wireless (enable/disable) Disable it. Click on save option to apply this setting. In the network list, you will find that network name is no longer appearing.

Note: Please connect the Ethernet cable before doing it or you will lose internet as well as remote session