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Not able to connect Airport to internet! Fix it now

AirPort is a router developed by Apple that allows you to connect AirPort-enabled computers or devices to the Internet.  The AirPort can be installed on computers running on Mac OS X or Windows. If your device is not able to connect to internet through airport than this instruction page will surely help you. Here are some steps needed to be followed in order to resolve the issue


Step 1: Make sure that your airport device is powered on. It must be showing the data light on base station.

Step 2: Turn on your Mac computer. Navigate to utility section and then select Airport utility on Mac computer. It will automatically configure the Wi-Fi of airport if it is within range.

Step 3: In case device is not detecting, decrease the distance between airport and computer. It will detect the base station. Now check the internet connection.

Step 4: Ensure that you are typing the correct of Wi-Fi password while connecting to a network. If still it’s not working then try resetting the airport.