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How to change Wi-Fi password of Router

To keep your Wi-Fi network safe, you need to keep changing the password at regular interval.  User must keep strong password so that it cannot be cracked easily.  In order to change password you need to access the router via IP address. Below are some essential steps that needed to be followed for changing Wi-Fi password of Router

Step 1:  Open safari browser on your mac computer. Enter IP address of router in the address bar. New window will ask for router login credentials i.e. USERNAME and PASSWORD. (Username/Password can be found on bottom side of router)

Step 2: Navigate to wireless section in router page. Find an option ‘Security key’. Delete it and enter the new security key then hit on apply or save.  Your Wi-Fi password is now changed.

Step 3: Now, restart your router and mac computer. Try connecting your machine to Wi-Fi network by entering new password.

Note: Remember if you are performing this task on Remote, then you need to connect mac computer with the internet as well as remote through costumer over the phone call.