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How to install App in Apple Device

If you are facing any issue while installing an App on Apple device then this instruction page will guide you to troubleshoot problem. Make sure that the device on which you are trying to install the app is connected to internet. You can install app from App store or some external website. Here are some steps that will guide you How to install App in Apple Device.

Step 1: Open Safari browser, try to browse any website (just to make sure that the internet is working). Now navigate to app store and search the app you want to install. Hit on install and enter the apple ID   and password if needed. App will be installed in the device.

Step 2: If you are installing the App from any external website, check the compatibility factor. Go to settings option, select security and choose general. Select the option, allow from unidentified developers. Try to open the app now.

Step 3: If you are getting some error. Go to Navigate to support tab. Type error in search bar, it will provide you the solution.