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How to download videos from YouTube on Mac

YouTube videos can bring smile on your face in case you are having a bad day. There are millions of videos out there on YouTube of different genres that user can watch and enjoy. However, it doesn’t allow you to download videos. You need a third party tools to download the videos but there can be a security threat or your data can be stolen by these tools. If you are confused or don’t know how to download videos from YouTube on your Mac, here are some easy to follow steps:

Step 1: Launch Safari browser, go to YouTube home page and search for video you want to download. Play the video. While video is being played click on 'Window' option.

Step 2: Now, Drop down list will appear. Click on ‘Activity’ option and a dialog box will appear. Search for the YouTube page among files appearing in the window.

Step 3. Various activity happening on the page will now start appearing. Look for the activity that has largest size. File size will be displayed on the right hand side. Just double click the largest file and your video will be downloaded to your system.