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How to set up iCloud on iPhone

iCloud helps you to store and share pictures, music, and other files between your different iOS devices. Every iOS user gets 5 GB of cloud storage on iCloud. You can save your iPhone memory by storing files on iCloud. All files stored on iCloud can be accessed on any connected iOS device from anywhere. If you are finding difficulty in setting up iCloud on iPhone here are the steps that will help you to set up iCloud account easily.

Step 1: Tap on the settings app located on your iPhone home screen. Scroll down the list and find “iCloud” option and tap on it. Make sure that your Apple ID is displayed. If it’s not there, sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 2: Select on the applications which you want to sync with iCloud account. You can synchronize various applications like mails, contacts, calendars, notes and reminder. The advantage you get by synchronizing applications with iCloud is that you can access data from any other connected iOS device.

Step 3: Lastly, Tap on iCloud Backup option after selecting the applications which you want to sync with iCloud. Your iCloud account is now ready to use and you can enjoy its benefits.