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How to Charge your iPod Shuffle

Charge Your Ipod Shuffle

iPod shuffle is a great way to enjoy music at anytime at anywhere due to its lightweight attribute. You can store your favorite songs and can listen them wherever you feel bore. Before you take your iPod shuffle for trekking or road trip make sure you charge it to its fullest. iPod can be charged using power outlet or by using computer USB port. In order to charge your iPod Shuffle properly, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Check your battery status Check your battery status to check out how much charging you need to do. The battery status is displayed by a light code.

Step 2: Charging iPod battery using computer Insert the USB end of the iPod shuffle USB connector into your computer’s USB port. If you plugged it in USB 3.0 port it will charge fast. Make sure that your computer is turned on and not in Sleep mode.

iphone-solutionStep 3: Charging using the power outlet. iPod shuffle comes with AC adapter, you can charge your iPod using power outlet. Insert the USB end of the power cable into the AC power adapter and connect it to power outlet.