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How to fix Safari quit unexpectedly issue

If you are facing issue in your Mac computer, where your safari browser quit unexpectedly then this instructional page will assist you in overcoming the issue.  The reason behind issue can be Safari Extension, Internet plug-in, or other add-on.  As a user you need to carefully choose extension or Plug-in as it might create problem in future.  Follow the below mentioned steps to fix Safari quit unexpectedly issue.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to run Disk Utility. Navigate to spot light, type disk, open and run utility after selecting your hard drive.

Step 2:  Reset safari browser using terminal. Go to Applications/Utilities and double-click on Terminal. Open terminal. Enter the commands in terminal.

Step 3: Every time you enter command in terminal, you have to hit enter/return.

Step 4: Reboot your apple computer.  Press the power button and, when a dialog box appears, click on Restart button.  Check if any update available in app store for safari, install it. Now, you can access internet easily on safari.