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How to Enable Cookies in Safari

Cookies are small piece of data or information that safari browser saves to the memory of your computer or iOS device in order to enhance web browsing experience. Suppose you visit a particular website frequently, now if cookies are enabled in your browser it will store some data so the next time you visit the website, it can load faster. Cookies generally contains your personal credentials such as username, password, address, contact number, etc.Here are some steps to enable cookies in Safari on your Mac computer or Apple device.

Step 1:Launch Safari on your iOS device or Mac computer. Click on Edit option on menu bar and select Preferences it will open a new window.

Step 2: Now select “Privacy” option from the preferences window. You will find various options to control privacy. Search out for section “Block Cookies” in order to enable cookies in safari.

Step 3: Under “Block Cookies” section you will see three radio button “From third parties and advertisers”, “Always” and “Never”. Select “Never” and close the window. Cookies are now enabled in your safari browser.

Note: These steps can be applied on both apple computer as well as on iOS device