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Address Bar not Showing on Brower

Safari is Apple's proprietary browser. It comes pre-installed on all Mac computers and iOS device. Number of settings, extensions and add-ons can cause your safari address bar to disappear. If you are facing address bar Issue while opening browser then this instruction page will assist you.  Just follow the below mentioned steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Note: Make sure you are not in full screen mode

Step 1: Open the browser from desktop. Right click on the top and choose customize toolbar. It will show up some options.

Step 2: Choose the address bar and drag to the top place, where you did the right click. Close it, now you can see the address bar appearing in the browser.

Step 3: Additionally, you can follow step 1 & 2 for the other things like favorites bar, etc. If you not able to troubleshoot the problem then you need to uninstall the browser and re-install it.