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For OS X Yosemite

What to Do When Stuck with OS X Yosemite Installation

A number of Mac users who have gone to update OS X Yosemite installation have encountered a number of problems. It may happen at times that you are stuck with it showing ‘minute remaining’ bar, and the bar do not respond even after one or two hour. You have to follow these steps if you get stuck with OS X Yosemite installation progress.

You might feel that the problem is very big and you will not be able to solve the issue instantly. However, the solution is simple.  Here, what you can do.

Step One

When you see the minute bar, simply ‘wait it out’. The first thing that you can is to ‘wait with patience’.

Step Two

If you wish to see what going on behind then you can hit ‘Command+L’ to show the installation log.  It will display what is copied or transferred rather than depending on the inaccurate bar.

Step Three

If waiting and checking all such things are not able to resolve the problem, then you can instantly get in touch with our experts on our toll free number 1-855-602-7997.