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How to update OS X

Learn how to update your OS X on Mac computer with the help of this instruction page. The advantage of updating OS X is that you will get new apps and features that includes iBook, Maps, iTunes, iMovie, etc.  You can install the updates from App store for your Mac computer. Gradually performance of the computer also increase with every update.  Here are some steps that will help you in Updating OS X

Step 1: You must have stable internet connection and Apple ID & password. Navigate to app store and click on ‘Updates’ tab.   If any update is available for your computer, it will show up. Hit on Install button and enter apple ID/ Password.

Step 2: Downloading will start promptly.  After download is complete, you need to install it and restart the machine.

Step 3: You will get a welcome screen of new OS X after restart. Just follow the instruction and enter details such as wireless, apple ID, etc. OS X is updated to a new version now.