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How to Open Third Party Application in Mac OS X

Apple has offered built-in means to offer protection from viruses that mainly infects while opening the third party app. The setting that prevents is termed as “gatekeeper”. The GATEKEPPER will never stop users from installing application using Mac App Store, but yes, it will stop user from opening the third party app. Here is how to open third party application in Mac OS X.

1. Check on the “system preferences” and move to the “security & privacy”. Now in the general settings, you will see an option ‘allow apps downloaded from’. So, to first change the settings, you will have to give the input like username and password.

2. Once you are with those options, you can always pick between:

• To avoid this restriction click on the OK over the popup, and then go into ‘security and privacy’ in the system preferences.

• In the gatekeeper option, in the general tab, you will see the blocked apps that are restricted from running.

• After checking, the blocked apps, click on the ‘open anyway’.

  • Mac App Store and identified developers
  • Mac App Store
  • Anywhere

    ‘Anywhere’ option is what enables users to download from third party. Here what you can do when ‘GATEKEEPER’ restrict from opening app.