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How to Restore Your iPod Nano

Restore Your Ipod Nano

At times, iPod gives you trouble and errors and you need to restore it just like your PC. You can easily learn how to reinstate your iPod Nano. If you are facing trouble in loading, charging as well as using Bluetooth in your iPod then you can easily restore it using these instructions.

1. First open iTunes on your system.

2. Now connect your iPod Nano with your PC using iPod USB cable. The iPod Nano will appear on your PC over the left task pane.

3. Now click over the “restore” when the menu will appear.

4. Again click over the “restore” button to confirm the restoration and iPod factory settings.

5. You can also pick if you want to update the current software or you can keep the current one.

6. Now wait for the restoration process, at the time of process, you may have asked your iPod connected. The progress bar first appears over the computer and after you receive the message to connect or disconnect, the progress bar appears over the iPod.

7. Reconnect your iPod with the PC once the process is done and then start syncing you r files as well as settings.