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How to Print Wirelessly From Your MacBook

Print Wirelessly From Your Macbook

Many advanced laser and inkjet printers join with Wi-Fi networks enable convenient and wireless printing features from device like MacBook. The technology available in MacBook is AirPrint technology and identifies AirPrint compatible printers. Here are few steps how to print wirelessly from your MacBook.
Here are some steps that you can follow to do this.

o Start the process with the ‘System Preferences’ by clicking its icon.

o Click on the printer and scanners icon using the System Preferences over the screen.

o Now click o the + icon to add the printer. Select the printer from the list of available printers; pick AirPrint (compatible with the MacBook).

o Now select the option ‘printer and scanner’ on the screen.

Print Wirelessly

o Start with the Notes App by clicking on it. Pick a note by clicking on it.

o Click over the file menu and then select Print option to view dialogue box of print options.

o Now set the landscape and portrait printing, paper size as well as print quality.

o After setting the options print quality, print orientation as well as print size. Click on the print button to print to note.