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How to Change Name of Your MacBook

Rename Or Change Name Of Your Macbook.

You have recently purchased your MacBook and want to name it, or you just have got second-hand macbook and wants to rename it- but you are just not sure how to rename or change name of your MacBook. Here are some easy steps for you….

1. Open the system preferences from the menu and click on the ‘system preferences’ by scrolling down.

2. You will get many options. Among many, you have to choose ‘sharing’.

3. After clicking on the sharing folder, check the ‘internet & wireless’ option.

4. From right Bluetooth icon, you will see the little blue folder with the yellow sign. The folder is ‘sharing’ folder; click it.

5. Look at the current name; over the top window that popped up. You will view ‘computer name’ option. Fill the name you wish to write.

6. You can delete the previous name.