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How to MacBook Charging Issue

Macbook Charging Issue.

MacBook is a notebook manufactured by Apple. This notebook is incredibly light and thin with many stunning features. While using MacBook, you might face some issues such as charging, at times, you may see that your MacBook is not charging. Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can take to resolve MacBook charging issue.

Step One

Ensure that the power channel you are utilizing to charge your device working perfectly. If that is not working properly then try out different wall power outlet for test.

Step Two

Check that the port is clean and clear, there is no debris or dust inside. Take a deep look and then clear dust inside and make it clean.

Step Three

Now reset the SMC, system management controller.

Step Four

It is an also known that sometimes adapters or charger does not work. So, warming up may fix your problem. You can also try heating your charger.