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How to Find Serial Number in Your MacBook

Serial Number In Your Macbook

Knowing the serial number of MacBook is very much important for you, because, whenever, you face a problem, first thing you will need is the serial number of your MacBook. So, if you are unable to find serial number in your MacBook, then here are some easy steps for you.

o Using “More Info” Option: Click on the Apple option available on the left side of your device screen and then choose the option ‘more info’.

o Tap on ‘get more info’: Once you click on ‘more info’ then you will see a screen that displays information about operating system, memory, and processor, after that click on the ‘more info’ option.

o Located the Number: Once you click on the ‘more info’, you will land on the page section that will display the more information as well as your serial number.