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How to Erase Cookies in Your MacBook

Erasing Cookies

Cookies are the files that web developers utilize to track the path via their website to see which page to display when a user visit the website. Cookies usually do not harm your Macbook, but there are times, when you need to erase cookies in your MacBook. Deleting and erasing cookies is just simple task. Even, if you do not know how to do it, then here are easy steps to follow.

1. Open Safari and click on the system preferences from the safari menu.

2. Check on the security icon.

3. Now check on the ‘show cookies’. It will display the list of websites that are set as cookies on your MacBook. The list will form long when you browse the internet using your MacBook.

4. Click on ‘Remove All’ option to erase or delete cookies using your MacBook. If you do not wish to erase all cookies and want to delete few then you can select few only.

5. When you are done with the selection then ‘click’ on done.

Keeping cookies is sometimes very useful as you can find previously browsed websites. However, keeping many cookies can turn your system slow and hence you need to delete it.