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How to Speed up Your MacBook Pro

Speed Up Your Macbook Pro

Is your MacBook running slow? Excessive usage generate extra files and settings bloat that ultimately slow down the performance of your machine. There are various tips and tricks present all over the internet that promise to resolve issue but user generally get frustrated due to technicality. So, here are simple and user-friendly steps that you need to follow in order to speed up your MacBook Pro.

Step 1: Update your system.

Always ensure that your software and operating system is up to date.Open the App Store and move to the "Updates" tab. Click on software update. This will check for available update. Download the update if it is available.

Step 2: Uninstall unused applications, this will help in saving memory as well asboosting performance of your machine.

Step 3: Delete unnecessary items on your desktop. Keeping too many icons on your screen increase load on RAMthat will ultimately affect the processing power of your MacBook.

Step 4: Disable widget which generally runs in the background. You can also remove extra programs from the startup list by clicking on "System Preferences” and selecting "Users & Groups". Go to "Login Items" tab and click on the applications that you want not to be launched during boot-up.