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How to Connect External Speakers to your Macbook Pro

External Speakers To Your Macbook Pro.

Your MacBook Pro comes with built-in speaker but if you are planning to throw some party or want to enjoy loud music, you need an external speaker. Generally, there are two ways to connect external speakers to MacBook Pro either by using external cable or by Bluetooth. Your speaker must support Bluetooth in case you want to connect them wirelessly with your machine. However, it is advisable to use external cable to connect external speaker to MacBook Pro. Below mentioned steps will help you out in connecting external speakers to your MacBook Pro.

Step 1:Turn on the speakers. Connect the power cord of the speaker to an outlet. If speakers are powered by USB then connect it to the MacBook USB port.

Step 2:Now connect external speaker tomachine. Insert the cable into the headphone 3.5 mm jack of your MacBook.

Step 3:Check the sound setting. Ensure that MacBook is not in mute state. Turn up the volume by pressing the Volume Up keys. Adjust the sound as per your choice and enjoy the music.