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How to Reset Your MacBook Pro

Reset Your Macbook Pro.

Undoubtedly, MacBook is a powerful machine that can multitask different task effortlessly. The only downside is that if you add more files or install excessive programs it may start acting sluggish or respond slowly. Display and boot issues are common problems that any MacBook pro user faces, there are various troubleshooting methods to overcome common issues. Here is how you can reset your MacBook Pro.

Step1: Quick fix for boot and display problems
If you're facing problem while booting up your machine, or display screen is not showing graphics property, resetting your PRAM will solve your problem.Parameter Random Access Memory (PRAM) is a small amount of memory that your MacBook uses to store system settings.

Step 2: Shut down your MacBook. Either turn it off using Apple menu or hold the Power button for ten seconds. After shutting it down, Press and hold Cmd + Opt + P + R. keys.

Step 3:Now, Press the Power button while holding the four keys simultaneously. Keeping holding the keys until you hear the startup sound twice. Your MacBook will now boot up.

Step 4: Resetting your PRAM willdelete some of your system settings. Now, you need to set all your setting such as display, sound, general, etc. as per your preference.