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How to Change Password in your MacBook Pro

Change Password In Your Macbook Pro

A user account password is the key that you need to log in to your MacBook pro. The password is also needed in case you want to install new software or change settings in System Preferences. Password is generally created when you set up your MacBook, or add any new user accounts. You can easily change password in your MacBook Pro by following below mentioned steps:

Step 1:Log in to your Mac account by entering your password. Click on Apple menu and choose System Preferences option.

Step 2:Click on the Users & Groups icon displaying in the System Preferences window under system header. Choose your username from the list of users.

Step 3:Now,click on Change Password, a new screen will pop up enter your current password and new password which you want to set up. Restart your machine and enter the new password to access the MacBook Pro.


    Note: These steps will work only if you now your current password