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How to Connect MacBook Pro with Printer

Macbook Pro With Printer

You can connect your MacBook with printer in order to print documents or images. There are two ways to connect your MacBook with printer either by USB or wirelessly. USB method is the best way to connect MacBook with printer. Here are some simple steps that are required to connect MacBook Pro with printer:

Step 1:Turn on the printer by pressing its power button. Make sure that power cable of the printer is inserted into a power outlet. Also, ensure that cable is of square-type connector.

Step 2: Look out for a square hole in your Macbook Pro and insert the USB cable in it. Connect the other end of the USB cable to printer. Install the printer driver, CD containing driver comes with the printer. You can also download drivers from internet in case CD is not available.


Step 3: Now, navigate to “Print & Fax Preferences” and check if printer is ready to use. If your printer isn’t showing up click on “Add Printer”. You are now ready to use printer.