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How to Add Memory in MacBook Pro

Add Memory In Macbook Pro

Mac Pro has a modular design that enables user to access to its internal components. You can add memory in your MacBook Pro in just few minutes without any device. However, the process is easy but it should be completed in full light or daylight. You must check Mac Pro's instruction manual to see the correct kind of memory required.


  1. Unplug all cables attached with the Mac Pro. Pull out locking lever and Mac Pro’s side plate.
  2. Contact metal part of the Mac Pro and eliminate any still voltage that you may be carrying, that could harm the inner mechanism.
  3. Now pull out the memory enclose and keep the memory enclose over the table with the memory holes facing up.
  4. Now eliminate the memory chip from the static-free sack and chips with the pins.
  5. Now pull tabs on one side of empty slots and insert chip, push the chips till tabs are enforced back inward.