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For Macbook Air

How to Register in MacBook Air For Warranty

MacBook Air is the latest laptop. When you register in MacBook Air, you can see the important product updates by Apple, get product support as well as free tutorials and much more. When a user for the first time set up the MacBook Air, they get the option to register. Although, if you have skip and now wants to register now, then here are some easy steps for you.

1. Make apple ID account if you do not have. Open the browser and see the Apple ID account page, now write your name and provide contact information. Create your ID name, put password, and submit it.

2. Now navigate through the Apple registration page (if not automatically revert to the page) and log in using your created email ID.

3. Choose “Portable” then “MacBook Air” and then “Continue”.

4. Now enter the serial number of your MacBook Air.

5. Review product registration details and then “finish”