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For Macbook Air

How to Install Windows in MacBook Air

The installation process of Microsoft Windows 7 on your favorite MacBook Air can be done using external USB optic drive. You can find windows 7 operating system in DVDs and requires disc drive to install it. Hence, you can use USB DVD drive to perform the installation process. Here are steps how to install windows in MacBook Air.

1. Connect the USB connector (DVD drive) to the USB port of the MacBook Air.

2. Now put in the Windows 7 installation disc in the DVD drive.

3. Run the “boot camp assistant” program in the MacBook Air after that click on ‘continue’.

4. Now drag the divider and divide the hard drive space among Windows and Mac OS X, and then click on the ‘Partition’.

5. Tap “start installation” and then Install Now.

6. Accept the terms and conditions by checking ‘I accept the license terms’.

7. After doing that click on “custom” and then “BOOTCAMP” then “NEXT”.

8. Click ‘OK’ as well as follow the onscreen process to finish installation process and then personalized window.