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How to Insert QuickTime Movie into iDVD

Quicktime Movie Into Idvd

iDVD is a DVD creation application developed by Apple especially for mac OS. It allows user to burn QuickTime Movies, MP3 music, and digital photos to a DVD that can be later played on a DVD player. Inserting QuickTime Movie into iDVD application can be a tough task but don’t worry, here are some easy to follow steps that will help you out.

Step1: Open iDVD on your MacBook and save your project with an appropriate title. Choose a theme for your DVD menu from the Theme Menu option.

Step2:Now add picture and text that relate to your movie. To add QuickTime movie, click on file select the import option and click on video to select the file.

Step 3:Once you select file, it will appear onto the menu. Now save the project. Insert the DVD-R and burn it. You can now enjoy movie on your DVD player.