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How to find the existing projects in iDVD

Existing Projects In Idvd

iDVD is not a part of Mac OS X operating system but a standalone application that works with Mac's DVD drive to record projects onto a DVD-R disc. If you are facing issue, where every time you open iDVD application and can’t find existing projects then just follow the steps mentioned below.

Note: Below mentioned steps can also be followed in case iDVD application freezes.

Step 1: You need to delete iDVD pref file. Go to your Home folder/Library/Preferences/ Drag plist file to the trash.

Step 2:  Now restart iDVD. After opening application, try signing in from new account. 

Step 3: Still if you are facing issue then you need to uninstall the iDVD app and re-install it again.