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How to Attach Mac Mini to a Monitor

Attach Mac Mini To A Monitor

Mac Mini is portable minicomputers that can be connected to any monitor to perform basic computing operations. It consists of processor, RAM, Storage space, Graphic Card and Connection port. The most amazing feature of Mac mini is that you can carry it very easily wherever you go and connect with any monitor using thunderbolt port. If you are confused how to attach mac mini to a monitor then all you need is to follow these easy steps.

Steps 1: Inspect the cable connection on your monitor. If you are connecting apple monitors to Mac Mini then you need Display Port or ThunderBolt connections and in case if it is third-party monitors you require HDMI and Display Port connections.

Step 2: Connect your monitor to Mac Mini using appropriate cable and turn on the machine. Wait for the Mac Mini to boot up. Wait until it adjust display settings as per your monitor resolution.

Step 3: Now, click on the ‘Apple’ menu present on the top-left corner of your screen and choose ‘System Preferences’. You will find an option ‘Displays’ click on it. Choose the resolution you want to use with your monitor after clicking on ‘scaled’.