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How to Set Up Bluetooth in Mac Mini

Set Up Bluetooth In Mac Mini

Mac Mini is a desktop that doesn`t includes keyboard, monitor as well as mouse. Therefore, if you wish to use Mac Mini, it is important to use wireless or Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse. You can easily set up Bluetooth in Mac Mini using these simple steps.

1. Look at the port location in Mac Mini, plug the power cable and plug the other end in the outlet.

2. Plug the keyboard and mouse wire into the USB port of Mac Mini. Now connect the monitor’s high-definition multimedia interface cable into the Mini display. Now read the instructions, then connect it with the power cable, and then plug it into the power outlet. Now switch the monitor.

3. Now press the power button and turn on the PC. Now, put in the batteries in the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Read and follow the instruction that is available with the device.

4. Now click over the “system preference” menu.

5. Now using the system preferences menu turn “on” the Bluetooth.

6. Click the "Set up New Device" button within the Bluetooth window to run the Bluetooth Setup Assistant program.

7. Click the name of a tool within the discovered devices list, and opt for "Continue" to proceed with the setup.

8. Undo the USB keyboard and mouse cables.