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How to Fix Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Problem in iPod

For music lovers iPod is everything. It is a nightmare for them if they get up and their iPod is not working. No Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the issues that can be faced by an iPod user. So, you need to learn how to overcome this issue; here are some steps for you.

1. Ensure your Wi-Fi router is on and your iPod is within range. If you are far from your router, you won’t get any signal.

2. You also need to make sure that your Wi-Fi is on and the network is available in to it. Press settings and turn on the Wi-Fi, then press on the name of the Wi-Fi network available.

3. Put password if the network asks for password.
4. Sometimes it happens that cable is not well-connected. Therefore, you also need to ensure that router is connected with the modem.

Well! If all such things are not working then you can always get in touch with our iPod tech support team on our toll free number 1855-602-7997.