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How to Sync Music in Your iPod

Sync Specific Music Content In Ipod.

iPod is one of the favorite device for all music lovers. If you are a hardcore music lover, you just cannot live without an iPod. You always sync music in your iPod. Erasing and adding music in the iPod can be done easily by sync specific music content in their iPod. You can easily configure setting in just few steps.

1. First make sure your PC has latest iTunes version with USB 2.0 port: If you do not have the latest version of iTunes then download it and then install it by following instructions. You can download it by visiting the Apple store.

2. Ensure your PC have Mac OS X version 10.6: If you have a computer, ensure it is running on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7.

There is another method, through which you can synchronize music in you iPod.

1. Open iTunes in your system.

2. Plug Up the USB cable in your system: Ensure that no other USB is plugged in the device.

3. Now connect iPod + Dock Connector + USB: Make sure you use only Apple Dock Connector.