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What to do When iPod Freezes Up

Ipod Freezes Up

iPod is the device used for downloading and listening music. While using iPod, you may face different kinds of trouble like memory corruption, cracked screen, freezing of screen or anything. Freezing up of the iPod screen is the issue that you may face very frequently; therefore, you should know what to do when iPod freezes up?

Step 1:
As shown in the above picture, you can hold iPod middle and menu button together for seven seconds or until you see the apple logo. 

Step 2
The apple logo usually stays for ten seconds or more than that. Once the period is over, you can see a menu bar with options like ‘music’, ‘videos’, ‘photos’, ‘podcast’, ‘extra’, ‘settings’ and ‘shuffle songs’.

Step 3
Check out all the options and you will find it all be working perfectly and hence your iPod is unfrozen.