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How to turn off ‘find my iPhone’ feature

Thinking to sell your iPhone? Make sure you disable the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature so that no one can track location.  From user point of view, ‘find my iPhone’ is a great feature that help user to track or wipe data in case device get lost or stolen. Sometimes it becomes necessary to turn off this feature to protect privacy. All you need to do is to follow the below mentioned steps and learn How to turn off ‘find my iPhone’ feature

 Note:  Make sure you have iCloud ID and password (same which is configured on device)

Step 1:  Navigate to home screen of your iPhone.  Tap on ‘Settings’ icon. Scroll the list and press on iCloud option.  Uncheck the ‘find my iphone’.

Step 2: you need to enter the iCloud password in order to disable the feature. Wait for 1 minute, your iPhone will no more with this feature.

Step 3: Restart your iPhone. You will find that tracker is not able to find your iPhone.