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How to track lock the lost iPhone

Tracking your iPhone is quite easy if you have iCloud account and device is synchronized with it. With the help of this instructional page, you will be learning How to track/lock the lost iPhone. For safety and privacy of user, it is advisable to lock the iPhone remotely in case it get lost.  Some essential steps that are needed to follow in order to track or lock device are as follows.


  • Must know iCloud ID & Password
  • Device must be power on in case of tracking.

Step 1: Open URL in browser. Sign in using Apple ID.  Navigate to ‘Find My iPhone’ option. Select ‘all device”.

Step 2: List of devices configured with iCloud account will appear. Select your iPhone.  (If your device is turned off, it will show offline. you cannot track or lock iPhone in offline mode). A Map with green spot will indicate the exact location of your iPhone.

Step 3: If you want to lock or erase data from the device.   Click on lost mode or erase option appearing on the right top side.