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How to restore device if find my iPhone is on

If you are finding difficult to restore device in case find my iPhone is on then this instructional page will guide you.  In order to restore your iPhone, you need to disable find my iPhone feature as it protects device from misuse.  User must know the iCloud ID and password to instigated the process. Below mentioned steps will help you out


Step 1: Go to Settings and select iCloud. Uncheck ‘find my iPhone’ option and enter iCloud password. Your device will no longer support this feature. Now you can restore it.

Step 2:  If still you are facing problem then connect it in recovery mode by following instructions:

  • Disconnect the device from computer
  • Turn it off
  • Hold the home button and keep holding it until you will see the iPhone in recovery mode in iTunes.

Step 3: Now, you will never find my iPhone error. Your device can now be easily restored.

Hopefully, these steps are useful for you. If not or you need further assistance then get in touch with tech team for more support through our toll free number 1-855-602-7997.