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How to Sync Wireless in iOS 5

Sync Wireless In Ios 5.

The wireless sync feature in iOS 5 enable users to sync iPhone through WIFI. iOS 5 is the fifth version of mobile operating system launched by Apple. It offers a lot of feature such as iCloud, iMessage, etc, all such things make iOS 5 very useful. Here are few steps that will help you to learn how to Sync Wireless in iOS 5.

1. Ensure your system is linked with wireless network also, iTune is running into it.

2. Your system should also be plugged into Wi-Fi, and ensure it is well-connected with the power (electricity). You can also use portable charger or any extended battery.

3. Now press the tapping button over the iOS 5 home screen and open “SETTING”.

4. Now navigate to these options, “General”, Wi-Fi Sync as well as iTunes.

5. Now you will see the list of all systems available on your Wi-Fi network setting. Choose the PC that you wish to sync.