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How to Use Siri in Your iPhone 5

Use Siri In Your Iphone 5

Siri is available in iPhone 4s and in its later version. It is actually an artificially intelligent assistance that simplifies our life by doing tasks using voice command. With this, you can easily set up reminders, schedule appointments, call any one or in just few seconds. If you do not know how to use Siri in your iPhone 5, then here are some easy steps for you.

Settings: “Settings” option is available in your iPhone 5. It is an option available on your iPhone 5 that looks like gray gears.

General: Now you are over the “settings” page, scroll down until you find this option “general”.

Select Siri: Now turn on ‘Siri’. You don’t have to do anything for it, simply slide the bar and from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’. After that, you will be asked if you wish to enable SIRI or not.

Enable SIRI: Now click on “enable SIRI” to enable it.

The name SIRI of this intelligent personal assistant is a short form of “Scandinavian”. It was initially introduced as an iOS application in the App Store. It is also incorporated into Apple Watch called watch OS.