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Cant send iMessage from iPhone! How to Fix it

iMessage is a feature in Apple iPhone that enables users to send and receive message. It is very much different from a conventional texting message. You need to have the internet connectivity in your iPhone in order to send message not money balance like in traditional message.  Here are some diagnostic steps for iMessage if you can’t send iMessage from iPhone.

Turn iMessage off, then reboot and then back ON:  Go to the settings and turn off iMessage off on your iPhone. Now turn your device to the back ON, again go to settings and turn on iMessage. It may fix your problem.

Ensure iMessage Is Set Up Properly:  To check this, go to settings and click on the menu termed as ‘send and receive’.  Here you will get to see a lot of phone number as well as email addresses configured to send and receive iMessage. Now view the other option ‘start new conversations from’, if you are not getting any checkmark next to the phone number, active it by tapping iMessage.

Check Internet Connectivity:  You must remember this thing that iMessage only works Wi-Fi or cellular data. So, you must check the connectivity. You can also check the internet connectivity by navigating through safari.