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How to check voicemail on iphone

Bought a brand new iPhone and wondering how to check voicemail?  This instruction page will help you in checking voicemail message on your iPhone in case you switched it off while attending important meeting or you were out of network coverage area.  Voicemail allows people to leave messages for you, so that you can hear those messages lately.  Just follow these steps to check voicemail on your iPhone.

  Step 1: Navigate to the home screen on your iPhone and tap on ‘Phone’ icon. You will find a’ Voicemail’ option, just press on it to find new voicemails arrived on your phone.

Step 2: In order to play voicemail, just press on a new voicemail message. For older voicemail messages, tap twice on the message to start playback.

Step 3:  Tap on the playing message in order to pause it. Tap again to continue playing it. Press on ‘Speaker’ option to play the voicemail message through your iPhone's speakers.

Step 4: Just press on ‘Delete’ to delete the voicemail message. It is generally recommend to delete older voicemail messages to ensure there is no confusion regarding new voice messages.