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How to Set up Voicemail in iPhone

Set Up Voicemail In Iphone.

Setting up a voicemail in iPhone is important so that you don’t miss a call. By setting up voicemail note in your iPhone, you can greet your callers with welcome note. If you are new to iPhone and don’t know anything about the process then here are steps how you can set up voicemail in iPhone.

Here are some steps if you are setting-up voicemail for the first time.

  •  Click over the “phone” button on your iPhone.
  •  Now tap over the “voicemail” option. Your smartphone will show you an option to create password to access voicemail.
  •  after that you will be allowed to record voice message.
  •  Now click “save” to set the recorded message.
  • Let’s find out how to record new greeting message for your callers.
  • Click over the “Phone” button over your iPhone.
  • Choose “Voicemail”
  • Pick “greetings> customs
  • Tap “record” and start recording your voicemail greeting message
  • Now hit save and then you can record more message if you wish.