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How to turn on your iPhone Ringer

Turn On Your Iphone Ringer.

iPhone comes with dedicated volume rocker  button that can be used to turn on or off device ringer. You can also set your iPhone to vibrate mode in case you are in some meeting or important conference. However, you can turn on your iPhone ringer using setting option pre-installed in your iPhone. Here are some easy to follow steps that will guide you to turn on your iPhone ringer.

Step 1: Navigate to home screen and tapon "Settings" option. Gently Press on "Sounds" option to change the settings.

Step 2: Find the option "Ringer and Alerts" and change the option from "Off" to "On." You can also turn on vibration by tapping on Vibrate slider from "Off” to "On".

Step 3: Tap on "Ringtone" option located under "Vibrate." Choose any ring tone to set it as 

your default ringing tone.

Step 4: Tap on Home button to exit settings. You can now control volume using volume rocker button.