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How to set up find my iPhone

 Set Up Find My Iphone.

Find my iPhone helps you to remotely track your lost, stolen or misplaced iPhone. Losing your iPhone can be frustrating as it holds all your personal data but don’t worry you can still find it using find my iPhone application as long as it is connected to a network. You can also remotely wipe up all your data using find my iPhone application so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Below mentioned steps will help you to set up find my iPhone.

Step 1:Navigate to the Home Screen on your iPhone and Tap the Settings app. Scroll down and press on iCloud. You need to sign in with your apple ID. If you don’t have an apple ID, you are required to create it to access Find My iPhone.

Step 2:In iCloud section you will find an option “Find My iPhone”. Tap on it to turn ON. Your iPhone will ask you if you want to allow this change. Press Allow to enable it.

Step 3:You can also secure your iPhone by turning on the passcode. Whenever you unlock your iPhone you need to enter 4 digit passcode to access it.