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How to close background apps on iPhone

Background Apps On Iphone

The biggest advantage of iPhone is that you can open and access multiple apps. You don’t need to close background app to access another app. When you switch between two apps, one app automatically goes into the background that slow down your iPhone, which is why you need to close background apps on iPhone. So, if you are wandering how to close background apps on iPhone, here are some instructions to be followed.

Step 1: Launch the app you want to disable by pressing on its icon. The application will be restored from the background, where it was initially running.

Step 2: Gently Press and hold the home button of your iPhone. A dialog box will come out, saying "Background Disabled." Release the home button once you see this dialog box.

Step 3: Repeat this process for any other application that you want to disable running in the background by launching it and holding down the home button.