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How to disable iCloud in Your iPhone

Disable Icloud In Your Iphone

iCloud is cloud-computing service by Apple that enables users to save their personal information across their iOS device. You can also disable iCloud in your iPhone when not using it. Follow these steps to disable it.

1. First thing first, tap over the settings option from the screen of your iPhone.

2. Now in the setting screen tap over the iCloud option.

3. Scroll down the icloud page, below you will see “delete account” option tap on it. After clicking over it, the account is disabled and no longer store you data.

1. Find out the Apple menu and click over it and select “System Preferences”.

2. After that, you will see a screen that gives you an option for iCloud, just click on that.

3. Now, you will see a screen with options like “account details”, “set-up family” and “sign-out”. Click on the sign–out option and icloud will no longer be active.

Well! These were the steps, through which you can disable iCloud in your iPhone. Here are few steps if you wish to disable it on your Mac OS X.