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How to Fix Sometime Ringing Issue on Incoming Call iPhone

Ringing Issue On Incoming Call Iphone

Ring tones and ring volumes are the most important thing of iPhone and if you are facing ringing issue then you should immediately look for some solution. Either call the tech support team or follow these troubleshooting steps.   

Step One

Sometimes, it happens that your iPhone is on‘do not disturbed mode’. Hence, you are not getting the right notification like call, phone, message and Facebook/Twitter.

Step Two

You need to turn it off. Go to settings> do not disturb> ON> or OFF.  You can also go to edit and then ‘DO NOT DISTURB’. You can also go and reset the settings as well.

Following these troubleshooting steps will resolve your problem. You can also get in touch with our tech expert team for further assistance on our toll free number 1-855-602-7997.